How to Apply


Opportunity Day


What is Opportunity Day?

Opportunity Day is a large open house event where all of the schools in the 9 school Excel TECC consortium send a bus full of their interested sophmore students to Mayfield High School for a grand tour of all the programs offered through Excel TECC. Teachers have presentations prepared for students and in the evening teachers are available to talk to parents.

If you miss Opportunity Day it doesn't mean that you cannot still apply to the Interactive Media program. If you have missed Opportunity Day, please contact the Interactive Media teacher or your school counselor immediately to begin the process.

When is Opportunity Day?

The date for Opportunity Day is in December just prior to winter break. There is a different time during the day for each of the 9 school districts will visit Mayfield High School and the Excel TECC programs. Students should contact their home school counselors to find out the exact time when their school bus is scheduled to depart for Mayfield High School. An Opportunity Day schedule can also be found online at the MAYFIELD EXCEL TECC WEBSITE.

PARENTS - Don't forget about Opportunity Night, when students can return with their parents and talk with teachers (usually in the evening).

Signing up for Opportunity Day

Students should meet with their home school counselors about signing up to go to Opportunity Day. Counselors will then arrange to have each student attend the field trip to Mayfield High School on a bus at a scheduled time.

Is attending Opportunity Day mandatory to apply?

If you miss Opportunity Day you can still apply to the Interactive Media program if you like what you see on the IMOHIO.ORG website.

Students and parents should contact their home school counselors to begin the process, and to register online using ENROLLTRACK, then also read about Interview Day to prepare.

ENROLLTRACK Online Registration



ENROLLTRACK is an online class registration service. It is free to sign up for Mayfield Excel TECC programs.

Why sign up?

It is required that a student first sign up on ENROLLTRACK in order to be able to be considered for a position in any of the Excel TECC classes. It will increase a student's potential for being accepted into Interactive Media if the student has signed up on ENROLLTRACK prior to Interview Day.

How do I sign up?

It cannot hurt to sign up for Interactive Media now because there is no risk. It is free to sign up! However, students may need the help of a school counselor or parent to sign up.

Log on to ENROLLTRACK now and register:



Interview Day


What is Interview Day?

Interview Day is an event similar to the Opportunity Day event. After learning about the Excel TECC programs, students then decide on which of the programs that they would like to apply to, and then they travel to Mayfield High School to meet with the program teachers and conduct real-world interviews. For many students, this will be their first experience of the interview process. Do not be afraid. We are aware of this and hope to help make the experience fun and rewarding for students.

For a student, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by going through the interview process. It is free, and it could alter the course of a young person's life. Additionally, students will be getting free experience in the interview process.

When is Interview Day?

The date for Interview Day is usually scheduled within one month after Opportunity Day. An Interview Day schedule can be found online at the MAYFIELD EXCEL TECC WEBSITE.

Signing up for Interview Day

Students should make sure they are registered using the online ENROLLTRACK REGISTRATION SITE. Students should see their home school counselors about signing up for the IM program using ENROLLTRACK. Once a student is registered, their home school counselor will arrange to have the student take the field trip to Mayfield High School for Interview Day.

If a student is unable to register on the ENROLLTRACK registration website prior to Interview Day, it is recommended that the student attend the Interactive Media interview anyway and then later complete the online registration.

The Interview Day Schedule

According to each school's schedule, all students will arrive on a bus to Mayfield High School and be guided to the classroom where the Interactive Media interviews will take place.

Students will be interviewed in an order that allows for students with multiple interviews for other Excel TECC programs to not miss these other interviews. Everyone will get interviewed, but the order varies based on these criteria.

While students wait to be interviewed, they may be asked to fill out some information forms.

During the interview, the student will have their portfolio photographed while they talk to the teacher. The interview process is extremely short and it is very difficult to gather enough information within a few short minutes so the documentation of the portfolio is very helpful for when the teacher has time to look at the work again later on.

After a student completes their interview, they will either attend another interview or they will wait for the end of all the interviews. After the interviews are completed, students will be taken back to their bus and the students will then return to their home schools.

Acceptance Notification Process

When interviews are completed, students will need to have some degree of patience while they wait to find out if they have been accepted to any of the Excel TECC programs. Students are often mistaken in thinking that they will be told during the interview whether they have been accepted or not. However, while they are still in the classroom talking to the Interactive Media teacher, student candidates must remember that all Excel TECC teachers are required to wait approximately two weeks after interviews until a specified date to notify students of their acceptance status. During this waiting period the Excel TECC teachers are not allowed to disclose any information about the status of acceptance for all students who have applied to their program. This is not fun for the teachers as well as the students. However, it is a required part of the process. During the waiting period administrative preparations are being made.

The teacher will be eager to contact all the students who have applied and notify them of their acceptance status immediately after the waiting period is over. This will include a formal letter as well as possible telephone calls. Students who have applied to multiple programs should expect to hear from all of the programs that they applied to. These notifications should all occur at about the same time.

Dress Requirements

Professional dress is helpful but not required. A student's desire to join the IM program should show in the student's overall presentation, which could include dress. Dress and appearance could take many forms, such as being creative while still being professional.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Please see Portfolio section (below) to learn more.



I.M. Portfolio Overview

I.M. Portfolio Requirements

Since Interactive Media is a creative program the student's portfolio helps to predict whether students will have a strong commitment to learning Interactive Media during the length of the entire two year program.

The ideal student would have a portfolio that covers every possibility as far as ability goes. The list of relevant skills for Interactive Media is long and diverse. However, in reality, such a highly qualified applicant rarely exists, if ever, especially at the sophmore high school level.

Therefore, the applicant is not required to have any specific set of skills demonstrated in their portfolio to be considered for the IM program. Rather, any combination of items, however great or small, will qualify as a portfolio. For example, there have been many successful graduates of the IM program who had entered the program without the ability to draw. However, these students may demonstrate skills in other creative or technical areas.

Additionally, there have been many successful graduates of the IM program who had entered the program without computer experience. While the class will have emphasis on digital technology, prior skills with computer software are NOT REQUIRED. The portfolio should emphasize the student's past successes and future potential.

Relevant Porfolio Materials

It is highly probable that there will never be an applicant who will have a portfolio consisting of every item on the following list. Therefore, an applicant should try to put together whatever they can gather from this list to construct their portfolio.

Portfolio materials can consist of any selection from the following:

  • items that demonstrate skill in art
  • personal art works (in any medium, including doodles on homework)
  • art projects done for clients (including family, friends, clubs or organizations)
  • items that demonstrate skill in digital media (for example, items similar to any item listed in the I.M Curriculum)
  • items that demonstrate skill in audio production
  • items that demonstrate skill in music
  • items that demonstrate skill in language arts
  • items that demonstrate skill in mathematics
  • items that demonstrate skill in science
  • items that demonstrate skill in electronics
  • items that demonstrate skill in computer programming
  • letters of recommendation
  • items that demonstrate good attendance
  • items that demonstrate volunteer service
  • items that demonstrate membership in teams, clubs or organizations
  • items that demonstrate business (job) skills
  • items that demonstrate employability ("soft") skills
  • items that demonstrate that the applicant will be interested in a two-year commitment to the IM program
  • Please review this link for more details
    Prepare for Interview Day (Pdf)

Portfolio Presentation

Presentation of the materials is not important. They can be presented in a paper bag instead of a fancy portfolio case. The goal is to look for future potential and commitment, so please do not unnecessarily spend money on frames or mattes. If something is too big or fragile to bring with you, just try to document it as best you can using a digital camera. Additionally, bring digital items on a CD, DVD, or Flash drive (jump drive). All of these items will be returned to you as soon as they are copied.

We will photograph some snapshots of the items in your portfolio that are not digital and return them to you right away at the end of your interview. Do not plan to leave your portfolio with us. Any digital items will be copied to our computer and your digital media will be returned to you.

Questions About Porfolios

If you have any questions about your portfolio, please don't hesitate to contact the teacher and ask for help or clarification.


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